An exception to the rule updated with LIDAR

reentrant tocorner

I’ve added this LIDAR photo of the line that Smiths battery, replaced by Garber on the evening of the 10th, held. When watching the video you will note that the ground behind the trench is dug away behind the pit. Thus on the LIDAR you see breaks in the shadow at the rear of the ditch. Compare.



It’s generally accepted that you can’t pin down the exact locations of specific units at a given time on the battlefield. But at Spotsylvania there are two cases where perhaps we can.

One such instance is the location of Capt. Benjamin Smith’s battery of the Richmond Howitzers. They were part of Hardaway’s Battalion and were heavily engaged during Upton’s Charge. Because of the accounts left by members of the battery, as well as Major Hardaway we have some pretty definite clues .

So lets take a look shall we?



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