Pens put up by ambulance men

(1) CLIPPING FROM  VIRGINIA NEWSPAPER, Probably the Whig, in May, 1864. While the officer is not identified the author is certainly Lt. Col. Robert Hardaway, or someone who wrote for Hardaway, his having been wounded on May 12.

(2) Captain Benjamin H. Smith commanding the 3rd Company of the Richmond Howitzers.

(3) Lieutenant Reade was the Adjutant of the 3rd Company of the Richmond Howitzers.

(4) the officer is talking about the reentrant line, #3 in the LIDAR above.

(5) Smith’s battery had its guns divided into a Napoleon section and a rifled section. The two guns described here are the rifled section, 2- 3″ rifles.


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Avid student of military history as well as amateur historian. Has a keen interest in archaeology. Founded his company in 2004.
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