Pens put up by ambulance men


remains of “pens”? These which are in (2) in the LIDAR above are, along with those shown in the other two photos unique to the Confederate works to the right at least as far as beyond the West Angle.

Shots passed through the left leg of my pantaloons , the right arm of my coat and right breast of my coat; another struck my spy glass in my sack-coat pocket, which, resting at the time against my thigh, made me think for a moment that my thigh was broken. After recovering from the shock went back to working the gun. Had nine bullet holes in my clothes this night. Surely I should praise God for his mercy.


the left most features in (2) of the LIDAR. Here we have the one in the center as well as the one in the upper right somewhat surrounding the clump of trees. Photo taken from the reentrant line.

For one hour and a half the Yankee infantry at sixty yards distance, behind breastworks, tried to silence these guns, and I was standing up all this time except when fuzing shell. The Yankees also brought up a battery 600 or 800 yards in our front and fired upon during this time.”


reentrant line as it is bisected by the current park road.


reentrant line as it runs back away from the main line. When Smith’s battery took position they took the place of 5 companies of North Carolina infantry. These men, from Daniel’s brigade moved into this line. Then on May 12, Garber’s battery manhandled their 4 Napoleon’s out of the gunpits, previously occupied by Smith’s battery, to positions where they fired over this line in support of the men of Daniels’s and Hayes brigade. These men stopped the federals from proceeding further down the line before counterattacks from other units began to retake the lost positions.


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