Could it have also have been because of a lack of muskets? (updated)

As this was recently the subject of a between a friend of mine and myself I thought I would reblog it.
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The Mule Shoe, Facts and Myths

Ever since May 13, 1864 the story has been that the reason for the Federal armies initial success the previous day was the defenders lack of artillery support. This it was said had allowed the Federals to quickly smash through the defenses and not only capture 20 pieces of artillery, but annihilate one of the premier divisions in Robert E. Lee’s vaunted Army of Northern Virginia. Certainly there were other factors mentioned, wet powder for example, or poor visibility. Nevertheless most sources claims all go back to the lack of artillery. That it was Lee’s decision to withdraw the artillery which led to the Federals being able to quickly break thru the defenses of the Salient on May 12.


But is that the real story? Or, is it just the quick answer to a more complex problem? One that is indicative of a complete misinterpretation of the situation by the…

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