Could it have been the Confederates that built the Line to the Landram House and beyond?

“At daylight, May 9, the line was rectified and the men went to work intrenching, without any proper implements”. As a member of Jone’s/Witcher’s Brigade recounted the entrenching tools were over a mile to the rear, probably with the regimental wagon. The men not being encumbered by them during the march.

“When the breastworks of Steuart’s Brigade, which were nearly a continuation of the line of the line to the left, were half made the engineer officers of the army came along and ordered us to destroy them and construct a new line. About fifty or seventy-five yards to the front of the left of the line we had been making the ground rose to a point or ridge off which there was some open country, giving a good range for artillery, and this was made a part of the new line,  Jones’s Brigade, or its right, being advanced a little I suppose to connect with it.” So not only Steuart’s but Jones’s Brigades lines were adjusted.


The point where all the lines intersect. The inner and outer lines from the left the line to the Landrum House straight ahead, and Steuart’s refused line running off to the right.

“But the new line of Steuart’s brigade, instead of being a continuation of that of Jones and the rest of the division, and so parallel with and in advance of our old line, turned back from this elevated point or ridge at a right angle with Jones, thus making a salient in the works.I asked the engineers if our first half constructed breastwork could not remain as it could do no harm, completely enfiladed by our new line, and might be of service, but they said no, it must be demolished, and so we half leveled it.” Recollections of a Confederate Soldier page 286.


LIDAR showing the inner line which was probably Jones Brigade original line, the relocated line of Jones Brigade, then Steuart’s Brigade out to the point where his line was refused. That refused portion still exists in its leveled condition.


Where the right flank of Steuart’s original line was refused for flank protection on the night of the 8th. Note that the original ditch on the Confederate side is still present all along the line from the apex to this point. In addition it is well traversed as is seen in the picture. However just at this deflection point is the only place along that refused stretch of line that the original ditch on the Confederate side remains visible. Along the remainder the Confederates destruction process either filed it in or there was no interior ditch.



Another view of the beginning point of the refused right flank of Steuart’s line on the night of May 8, early May 9th. This time looking away from the junction point. Note the distinctive look of the leveled line.


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