Could it have been the Confederates that built the Line to the Landram House and beyond?

When you look at a map of the trenches around the Mule Shoe one of the things that jumps out at you is the line of works which runs out to the Landram House and beyond. Since this line starts at a point only yards from the apex of the salient itself it is tempting to consider that it may be Confederate. But is it?

Below is a full screen snip of the area out beyond the Landram House. Notice the ravine, which is the dark line running diagonally from left to right at the top of the screen. Then also the line of works , clearly visible, which roughly parallel them on the right. The Landram House ruin is the prominent dot just above the Google symbol at the bottom of the screen. Its also apparent that the works near the house site have been eradicated.


Below is another screen capture. This time of the area around the apex of the salient , and the line which runs out from it towards the Landram House. We can only assume that the entire length was one line, with the space between the two sections leveled post war by the inhabitants or locals. Which would be a good assumption as we know it was done in the vicinity of the Landram House immediately following the war. Regardless the line is facing toward the west, which is the way a Confederate line would likely have faced.

landram line 1

However there are several problems with it being considered a Confederate line.


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