The Valley of the Shadow

During the trip to shoot the video “Was this really a Federal Line” I also took a couple of other pictures. This was in an effort to (a) see if the outer or main line was infantry only and (b) in the inner of “cut-off” was Confederate how did this impact the outer line.


An obvious gun position in the outer or main Confederate line. Sited to cover the little valley which had excellent coverage all the way out to the Landrum House. Also enfilading anyone approaching the original line which ran down to the river, marked by the tree line on the right.



Another gun position just a few yards to the left off the one shown above. This could sweep the valley as well as cover the entirety of the Landrum House road which the Confederate picket line as just on the other side of.


This close up of the LIDAR used in the article “Was this really a federal Line” shows the two gun positions in the outer line pictured above. A close look at the inner line will show similar positions behind them.

Obviously they did have guns in the outer line at some point. Equally obvious from the video of the inner line was that they had artillery there as well.

But what is not apparent from these photos is that this section of the line is invisible to the inner line behind it. Below the crest and sheltered from friendly fire.

One of the nuances of the battlefield at Spotsylvania.


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Avid student of military history as well as amateur historian. Has a keen interest in archaeology. Founded his company in 2004.
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