Caissons in the Low Ground


LIDAR of the area of the East Angle. The flattened U shaped line behind the Confederate main line is referred to in the article as the “cut-off line.” Most of the pictures below are taken in the low ground to its right, behind the independent line shaped like an inverted crescent.


One of the things that has interested me as long as I have been walking across the Mule Shoe is where did the artillery batteries place the limbers and/or caissons.  While the horses would have been too valuable to expose to hostile fire, ammunition would have been necessarily kept close by.

One of the exciting things about walking the battlefield is how just a slight difference in the way you approach something, or look at something can reveal a entirely different opinion. During a recent visit to the area of the East Angle a friend and I looked at this interesting arrangement of pits in the low ground behind  the “cut-off” line behind the apex of the salient. Multiple pits, of roughly the same size, on the reverse slope where they would be sheltered from incoming fire. As you can see from the attached LIDAR photo, they were all angled toward the Landrum House site, which tells you where they felt the threat would be from.

My apologies for the “pile of leaves” photos. But look closely you can see what’s there.


old park road bed visible to the left. Confederate “cut-off line” runs across the crest ahead. One lunette visible in the foreground. Notice how it is dug on the interior in a crescent shape which leaves a raised platform in the center.


slightly different angle to the same feature as shown above.


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