Wilfred Cutshaw left us several hints

Of the two artillery batteries in the Mule Shoe the night of the 11th of May 1864 we know the least about Tanner’s Battery. While we know exactly where Carrington’s Charlottesville Artillery, we cant say the same about Tanner.

However the Battalion Commander did leave us a couple of clues. I offer these to you for you to consider:

Once in a review of a manuscript sent him by James McDowell Carrington, former commander of the Charlottesville Artillery, who was writing an article for the Richmond Dispatch, circa 1905 he wrote:
“This must have been earlier because Tanner’s battery was put on the line after yours just (left arrow symbol) the left of the [this was on the left face of the salient near the spot where that tree at your guns was shot down and not at the apex which was further to your right where Nelson’s guns had been] Brigade by our orders from Gen Long both Gen Walker and myself expecting further in offset”
Then in an unsigned letter on U.S. Senate letterhead was a handwritten description of the aborted recon by Terry on the afternoon of the 11th as well as a listing l-r  of the positions of the infantry and Carringtons battery.
Beneath it in a circled box is written:
“On right of Rodes was Tanner’s bat in a little offset”
So put your thinking caps on and see what you can figure out.

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Avid student of military history as well as amateur historian. Has a keen interest in archaeology. Founded his company Roadraceparts.com in 2004.
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