GPS Plot – Muleshoe – Revised

My GPS Plot using a Garmin 450T of the interior of the Muleshoe

Artillery Positions Only

Cleaned up to show artillery positions only.

Over the years many of us have noticed that there are features of historical interest within the Muleshoe Salient. Of course the ones that remain survive because of a lack of activity on the property after the two armies had moved away in late May 1864. They can only be the tip of the iceberg as to what once existed.

Happily those that do exist remain near the area of the heaviest fighting on May 10-12, 1864. As of yet these features, while certainly well-known to historians as well as enthusiastic amateurs, have to a large extent been overlooked. For the best of reasons they have yet to appear on any published maps of the area, from the wartime Hotchkiss sketches to todays state of the art maps. There are many reasons for this, all good and they need no justification.

However, the acquisition of a Garmin 450T topo mapping GPS, makes it possible for an amateur like myself to walk the battlefield and make a rough GPS plot of those very features. That map is shown above. I can only apologize for the crude nature and clutter of the icons. However this is after all not a professional map.

Study of the features may give some insight as to the defensive arrangements of the Confederates in the area around the Bloody Angle. In particular it shows the location of the two batteries from Cutshaw’s Battalion which remained near the Bloody Angle on the night of May 11-2. In the future I am sure others will make the professional maps which will give further insight.

A brief word to clarify some of the points on the map.The red line is the bed of the west McCoull lane.

The road shown running from Burnside Drive, behind the main Confederate line until it joins Anderson Drive no longer exists. The last section of that road, running from the East Angle to Burnside Drive was removed just a few years ago.

With a few exceptions there has been no attempt to identify features other than the lunettes and a few obvious pits for ammo chests. It will be up to the professionals to positively identify those features.

But for now hopefully you  can enjoy this crude attempt at advancing our knowledge.


About Russ

Avid student of military history as well as amateur historian. Has a keen interest in archaeology. Founded his company in 2004.
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