Preamble to a new article

I must apologize for taking so long to get a new article out. Unfortunately such trifles as work, and the need to complete our taxes have very inconsiderately gotten in the way.

However, there is a new article in the works, hopefully it can be completed in the not too distant future. Titled “You can’t hit the Yankees that way”. It will be the story of the Charlottesville Artillery, AKA Carrington’s Battery of Cutshaw’s Battalion.

They went into position right at the West Angle on the afternoon of May 11th, 1864, and were there when Hancock made his attack on the morning of May 12th. They along with Reese’s Battery was one of the very few units that we can actually pinpoint at a particular place on the battle at a specific time.

Based on the first person accounts of men from the battery commander down to privates, I hope you will find it interesting reading. Its a part of the battle that doesn’t get a lot of attention.


About Russ

Avid student of military history as well as amateur historian. Has a keen interest in archaeology. Founded his company in 2004.
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